Nine-Eleven. 9-11. 9/11. Now synonymous with terrorism, war, religious fanaticism of every stripe. We were in Italy, Naples to be exact, for the summer of 2001, anarchically shooting footage for a segment of a highly ambitious independent digifilm titled Shade of the Italian Sun. More about that project, and the resulting plans to edit the Naples footage into a short music video, elsewhere on this site.

Back to 9/11/2001. Returning to NYC just a few days before the event that shook and profoundly changed our world forever, it was all excitement and indietalk. A few days later, standing on the rooftop of our apartment building on west 15th Street, watching in nightmarish horror the towers of black smoke billowing from the Twins, we somehow sensed everything in life was taking a new turn, a new and ugly twist.

Of course, we had to temporarily abandon the Italian Sun project. Scenes to be shot on-the-fly at the airport, for instance, would naturally be out of the question for reasons that soon became obvious. Some planned exterior locations were literally quarantined, and would remain so for quite some time, longer than we ever dreamed, as it turned out. Besides, the entire city, including virtually all our friends involved in our project, entered into that bottomless pit we came to call vigil funk.

What a world! What a world! I’m melllllllting!

Enter a new idea, a new screenplay: Three men locked together in a wilderness cabin, far from NYC and its obsessive mourning, arguing and philosophizing about their lives in a post-nine-eleven universe, where tragedy must always define the enigmatic ending. Thus was goddog born.

Goddog Brings Pizza

Shot wild in a remote house in the Adirondacks, in seven days with three actors and a crew of two. Here are some stills from the movie:

Still from digifilm "goddog"

Max Ponders the Universe


Max & Roman Have Breakfast


Roman Still Happy

Max Catching Ideas